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Construction of Rammed Earth Walls

Wednesday August 31st, 2016 in Latest News, Rammed Earth Contruction

People often ask us how rammed earth walls are actually constructed, and while we have written about the Technical Properties of rammed earth walls in the main section of our website, this blogpost will detail the setup, mixing, compaction and strip down processes of constructing a rammed earth wall. Rammed Earth Formwork We use specialised…Read more

Building in a Bushfire Prone Area

Thursday June 25th, 2015 in Latest News

Designing and building a home to accommodate the stringent regulations of a bushfire prone area is one of the many positive environmental considerations that will tailor & shape your home to be one of unique beauty, designed to work with the natural environment where it is built.  The focus will be on ways of incorporating…Read more

A Warm Welcome

Thursday January 15th, 2015 in Latest News

Our first blog post! We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our Rammed Earth Enterprises blogging section. We will be posting a range of things in here, form the benefits of thermal mass, which Rammed Earth walls provide, to interesting and unique ways to utilise Rammed Earth in your design, as well…Read more

News from Rammed Earth

Wednesday December 17th, 2014 in Latest News

Stay tuned for our first blog post! Coming soon…