Welcome to Rammed Earth Enterprises

Specialist builders of stabilised rammed earth walls.

At Rammed Earth Enterprises we specialise in building rammed earth walls of timeless, natural beauty that also provide excellent thermal properties for sustainable homes.

• High Thermal Mass  Energy Saving • Low Maintenance • Bushfire Resistant 

 • Excellent Soundproofing & Acoustics • Ideal for Internal, External, Landscaping & Feature Walls

  Unique Natural Textures & Tones


About Rammed Earth Enterprises

At Rammed Earth Enterprises we specialise in building rammed earth walls of timeless, natural beauty that also provide excellent thermal properties for sustainable homes.


Comfortable living is being in a home that remains a consistent and pleasant temperature all year round. Over the years, many ways of controlling extreme temperatures to keep homes comfortable to live in have been developed. Generally these require energy usage that is costly to both the occupants and the environment. Utilising solar passive design and insulation combined with the thermal mass of rammed earth walls, a temperature that is naturally comfortable all year round with minimal heating and no artificial cooling can be achieved.


As builders of stabilised rammed earth walls since 1992, Rammed Earth Enterprises understand how this high thermal mass medium works. When thermal mass and solar passive design are used correctly, rammed earth walls work to store the sun’s warmth in winter and control the heat in summer. Usually in temperatures around 40oC our rammed earth home sits comfortably in the mid 20oC without air conditioning.


Rammed earth walls have many practical qualities as well as being architecturally unique and extremely versatile. They mesh flawlessly with any house style, from the down to earth, traditional aesthetic, to stylish contemporary leading edge designs.


Rammed Earth Enterprises offer technical information to the builders, designers and architects they work with in relation to this unique building medium. We construct rammed earth walls throughout the entire state of Victoria, and if you’re looking for a sustainable home to be designed and built, contact our sister company Eco Sustainable Homes who will work with you for the entire process from concept to completion.


Services Rammed Earth Enterprises Offer

Rammed Earth Enterprises have been involved in Rammed Earth Construction since 1992. During this time we have developed and refined our construction process as well as gaining extensive knowledge and experience, which our clients benefit from.

Our Rammed Earth Building Services include:

Building Advisory:

To Builders, Designers and Architects we offer Technical and Design advice as well as information on the properties of Rammed Earth particularly considering the Energy efficiency performance of Rammed Earth Homes and Insulated Rammed Earth. When required we assist with advice on the placement and positioning of the thermal mass walls for maximum solar passive, cost effective and aesthetic benefits as well as any other questions relating to the medium as required.

Rammed Earth Wall Construction:

We quote and build rammed earth walls for Registered domestic and commercial builders as well as owner builders throughout Victoria. The Rammed Earth Constructions can be any amount of walls in new houses, extensions etc. These could take the form of Rammed Earth feature walls, landscaping walls, thermal mass trombe walls or curved Rammed Earth walls etc.

Designers and builders of Rammed Earth Houses:

If you are looking for a designer/builder we invite you to utilise our services here working with our sister company and Registered Builders – trading as Eco Sustainable Homes.